Hi Viz AC Light
Hi Viz AC Light
Baby Blue Plus
Baby Blue 3 Light
Hi Viz Cordless Light
Hi Viz Cordless Light
Baby Blue 3 Light
Baby Blue Next Gen light
Baby Blue Next Gen Light

Customer Testimonials

W.H Kingsmill Ltd can put your personalized labels on our products

"We have been using W.H Kingsmill for over 10 years and have never been disappointed with the customer service, or quality of products we receive. Before finding W.H Kingsmill, we tried other leak detection powders, only to have them decompose in our dust collectors. W.H Kingsmill's formaldehyde free formula is the only one we have found that can withstand high heat. "

Eric Connely - Director of Operations                                            


 "We love using the Baby Blue 3 (BB3) light for all of our inspections, because it is has the same power as some of the bigger lights we have used - but it is smaller, lighter and much easier to use."

Shelby Smyth - Environmental Manager