Dust Chaser Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder - Technical Data

Dust Chaser is a fine fluorescent powder for use in fabric filter dust collection units.  Once injected into the system, Dust Chaser quickly and efficiently pinpoints any leaks, holes or tears in the dust collector (bags, cartridges, seams, cell plate, etc.).  Dust Chaser is also used to ensure proper installation of new filter bags or cartridges.

Dust Chaser is nonhazardous and nontoxic.  

Composition: Calcium Carbonate and Fluorescent  Pigment.


Average Particle Size:          3 microns

Physical Appearance:           Fine homogenous powder, various colours

Colour:                                   Multiple Colours Available

Refractive Index:                   1.64

Specific Gravity:                    1.97

Decomposition Point:            660 F (350 C)

MSDS Sheets available upon request.